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Cannot build on Windows

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  1. There is still no documentation / user guide for building Bind 10 on Windows as of this time.
  1. The only documentation which contains the keyword "Windows" is just the following statement: "It is planned for BIND 10 to build, install and run on Windows and standard Unix-type platforms."
  1. There is a folder "win32utils" I've found in Bind 9 distribution, but not sure why it's removed in Bind 10.
  1. I've searched for this on Google, still no related information could be found... it seems that nobody has successfully built Bind 10 on Windows as of this time.
  1. Since there's no Bind 10 binary distributions for Windows, building from source is the only way ...
  1. All of the "Client" editions of Windows don't have a DNS server, so Bind 10 is very very important for any Windows users that require a DNS server ...

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comment:1 Changed 6 months ago by shane

It is still a goal to support Windows, but BIND 10 currently has no support for Windows.

We use a number of Unix-specific features. There is no fundamental reason that BIND 10 cannot work in Windows, but Windows has different APIs for process creation, inter-process creation, and so on. It will take a non-trivial amount of effort to add Windows support.

comment:2 Changed 7 weeks ago by jreed

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